Yesterday(January 4th,2015) was our first working day in 2015. Our after-sales service department answered a call yesterday morning. Chengdu Power Company who purchased our GC2010D transformer oil dissolved gas analyzer required us to go to their place for training their operators. And they would pay all costs involved in this training. After receiving the call, our company immediately sent our after-sales service department staff Mr.Cuimeng to fufil this task.

Chengdu Power Company bought our GC2010D transformer oil dissolved gas analyzer at the end of December last year. Now Mr.Cuimeng has reached their company. The training is mainly on the operation and maintenance of GC2010D transformer oil dissolved gas analyzer. The analyzer is applied to determine the compounds and concentrations of dissolved gases in transformer oil. It is widely used in power companies, power-related enterprises, insulating oils-related enterprises and transformer oil analysis laboratories.

As previous plan, Mr.Cuimeng will return on January 8th,2015.