Model: K692 Oil Color Comparator
Measures the color of lubricant oils and other petroleum products. The test method is to inject sample oil into a colorimetric tube, then, visual observe and compare it with ASTM standard color chip in colorimeter to determine its chroma and color number.
Conforms to ASTM D1500 specifications. CE Mark.

Consists of standard color disc, observation optical lens, light source and colorimetric tube;
Uses Frosted shell bulb as light source; Light source through color filtration could uniformly irradiate on colored sheet glass of standard color disc and colormetric tube respectively;
Optical lens is capable of light regulating and focusing.

Technical specification
Color disc range: 1 - 25
Inner diameter of colorimetric tube: 32mm
Ambient temperature: 10°C - 40°C
Relative humidity: 30% - 80%
Electrical requirement: AC 220V, 50Hz
Dimensions: 400 x 320 x 300mm
Net weight : 21kg

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