ASTM D2847 Standard Practice for Testing Engine Coolants in Car and Light Truck Service
4. Summary of Practice
4.1 Test coolant shall be a new coolant. The coolant is tested at the recommended concentration in an aqueous solution made with water that complies with the water recommendation published in Specifications D3306 and D6210. A minimum of five test vehicles per coolant are required, ten are recommended, but this number may be adjusted by agreement between customer and supplier. The test vehicles shall have been in service less than 3 months, 3000 miles, 5000 km, or 500 operating hours. Alternate specific requirements may always be agreed between customer and supplier. Customer and supplier may also choose to follow requirements published in Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. The cooling system components and coolant are inspected according to a prescribed schedule to provide the basis for coolant performance evaluation.

4.2 A detailed cleaning and conditioning procedure is essential to obtain statistically significant and reproducible results.

5. Significance and Use
5.1 The data obtained from the use of this practice will provide a basis for the evaluation of coolant performance in passenger car. light and heavy duty truck service (according to the test vehicles chosen). The data obtained may also be used to provide added significance to the data obtained from simulated service and engine dynamometer tests.