ASTM D7418 Standard Practice for Set-Up and Operation of Fourier Transform Infrared (FT-IR) Spectrometers for In-Service Oil Condition Monitoring
4. Significance and Use
4.1 This practice describes to the end user how to collect the FT-IR spectra of in-service oil samples for in-service oil condition monitoring. Various in-service oil condition monitoring parameters, such as oxidation, nitration, soot, water, ethylene glycol, fuel dilution, gasoline dilution, sulfate byproducts and phosphate antiwear additives, can be measured by FT-IR spectroscopy, as described in Practice E2412. Changes in the values of these parameters over operating time can then be used to help diagnose the operational condition of various machinery and equipment and to indicate when an oil change should take place. This practice is intended to give a standardized configuration for FT-IR instrumentation and operating parameters employed in in-service oil condition monitoring in order to obtain comparable between-instrument and between-laboratory data.