The testing of sample oils sent by the Australian lubricants company has been arranged today. It will be tested by our K5909 cold-cranking simulator. This is the first time that we test sample oils for foreign customer. The test result will be available tomorrow.

Our K5909 cold cranking simulator (CCS) is currently most advanced in China. It is also most similar to Cannon cold cranking simulator. It conforms to ASTM D5293. Easy operation. The equipment can complete whole testing process and calculate viscosity automatically. The result can be also printed out. The K5909 cold cranking simulator can be equiped with auto sampler with 30 sample stations. This auto sampler is also developed by our R&D department. The CCS can test up to 30 samples at one time by the auto sampler. Upon reliable quality and competitive price, we believe our CCS will be liked and chosen by customers.