Model: K593 Conradson Carbon Residue Apparatus

Measures the carbon residue of petroleum products. It provides an indication of relative coke forming properties of petroleum products. The residue remaining after a certain period of evaporation and pyrolysis is calculated as a percentage of the original sample.

Conforms to ASTM D189 and related specifications.

A weighed quantity of oil sample is placed in a crucible and heated to a high temperature for a fixed period. The crucible and the carbonaceous residue is cooled in a desiccator and weighed. The residue remaining is calculated as a percentage of the original oil sample and reported as Conradson carbon residue.

Technical specification

Porcelain crucible: Low type, volume about 30mL

Inner iron crucible: Iron sheet material, volume 75±5mL, surface black coating

Outer iron crucible: Iron sheet material, volume 190±10mL, with cover, surface black coating

Tripod: Iron sheet material, surface nickel-chromium plated and polished, height 250±10mm, ring diameter Ф130±5mm

Flame shield: 0.6 --- 0.8mm thickness iron sheet material,diameter of upper opening of the middle hole is Φ90±2mm, and diameter of lower opening is Φ82±2mm. Loaded with an asbestos pressure ring. (The other type of flame shield contains three bending feet in the hole of flame shield to support the crucible.)

Round iron shield: 0.8mm thickness iron sheet material, the height of lower part is 50mm --- 53mm, the height of cone in the middle is 25±2mm. There is a piece of Φ3 iron wire welded on the upper section of round tube. The iron wire is bent to a fire bridge of 50±3mm in height, which is like a mouth. The fire bridge is black and is used as an indicator for the maximum height of the flame.


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