EN 590 Automotive fuels - Diesel - Requirements and test methods
3 Sampling
Samples shall be taken as described in EN ISO 3170 or EN ISO 3171 and/or in accordance with the requirements of national standards or regulations for the sampling of automotive diesel fuel. The national requirements shall be set out in detail or shall be referred to by reference in a National Annex to this European Standard.

In view of the sensitivity of some of the test methods referred to in this European Standard, particular attention shall be paid to compliance with any guidance on sampling containers which is included in the test method standard.

4 Pump marking
Information to be marked on dispensing pumps and nozzles used for delivering automotive diesel fuel, and the dimensions of the mark shall be in accordance with EN 16942.

Labelling shall be clearly visible, easily legible and displayed at any point where diesel with metallic additives is made available to consumers. The label shall contain: "Contains metallic additives" in the national language(s) and shall be laid down in the National Annex to this document.