GC2010D gas chromatograph special for analyzing transformer oil dissolved gases consists of sample injector, detector, chromatographic column case, nickel converter, gas flow control system, circuit control detecting system and dedicated online workstation, etc.

Features: GC2010D gas chromatograph has advantages of high stability and reliability, simplified and reasonable structure, easy operation, good looks, small mounting space, strong expansion capability, etc.

1. Microprocessor control, high control accuracy (superior to ±0.1°C), the column case has ten steps temperature programme;

2. Easy to set all kinds of control and operation parameters (including detector operation parameters). It has functions of self diagnosis, power-off protection, file store, invocation, limiting temperature setting, system halted power-off protection, etc. It could precisely display set value and actual value of each temperature control, TCD bridge current, sensitivity of FID amplifier, hold time and analysis time, etc.;

3. It has over-heat protection circuit: 450°C independent protection circuit; Keyboard operation to control protection of upper-limit temperature; The monitoring of over-heat protection circuit is based on abnormal situation of CPU;

4. The equipment has system of double gas pathes and double samplers. Accurate gas path control valves make it high stability and reproducibility;

5. Both packed column analysis and capillary column analysis are available, and having various sample-injection system.

Packed column: column sample injection, instantaneous vaporization sample injection and gas injection

Capillary column: stream sample injection, non-stream sample injection and large diameter column direct sample injection

6. With function of column case auto-cooling down, which ensures the temperature of column case having good temperature control accuracy and realizing fast cooling down;

7. The equipment has double packed sampler, flame ionization detector(FID), thermal conductivity detector(TCD), capillary sample injection port, gas injection valve and other accessories;

8. Easy to install capillary column and double packed column into the big capacity column case: inside-hidden heating wire structure is better for analyzing quartz capillary column;

9. The FID is auto-igiting, and it has gas-off protection function;

10. Built-in workstation, internet port;

11. 5.7 inch dot matrix color LCD screen.