Model: GC2010R High Purity Argon Gas Analyzer

1 Application

GC2010R high purity argon gas analyzer performs trace analysis on H2, O2, N2, total carbon (CH4, CO, CO2) in pure argon. It is equiped with FID, TCD, methane converter, ten-way injection valve, special chromatographic column. The whole analysis is completed through one injection with ten-way injection valve.

2 Technical specification

Temperature control range: room temperature --- 400℃

FID baseline noise: < 0.05mV

FID baseline drift: < 0.2mV/30min

FID detection limit: total carbon < 0.1ppm (CH4)

TCD baseline noise: < 0.01mV

TCD baseline drift: < 0.03mV/30min

TCD detection limit: H2 - 1ppm

O2 - 5ppm

N2 - 10ppm

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