ISO 2719 Determination of flash point - Pensky-Martens closed cup method
5 Chemicals and materials
5.1 Cleaning solvent, for removal of traces of sample from the test cup and cover.

The choice of solvent will depend upon the previous material tested and the tenacity of the residue. Low volatility aromatic (benzene free) solvents may be used to remove traces of oil, and mixed solvents such as toluene-acetone-methanol can be efficacious for the removal of gum-type deposits.

5.2 Liquids for verification, see Annex A.

6 Apparatus
6.1 Flash point apparatus, as described in Annex B.
If automated equipment is used, ensure that the test cup and cover assembly conform to the key dimensions specified in Annex B and the procedure described in Clause 10 is followed. The user shall ensure that all of the manufacturer’s instructions for adjusting and operating the instrument are followed.

NOTE Under certain circumstances, the use of electric ignition sources can give different results to those obtained when using a flame ignition source.

In cases of dispute, unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the flash point as determined using a flame ignition source shall be considered the referee test.

6.2 Temperature measuring devices, meeting the requirements for accuracy and have the response as specified in Annex C.

6.3 Barometer, absolute pressure reading, accuracy of +/- 0,5 kPa, and with a resolution of 0,1 kPa.

Barometers pre-corrected to give sea level readings, such as those used at weather stations and airports, shall not be used.

NOTE Some automated apparatus include an integral barometer that automatically measures and records the absolute barometric pressure and makes the required corrections to the detected flash point.

6.4 Heating bath or oven, capable of controlling the temperature to +/- 5 °C, for warming the sample if required.

The oven shall be ventilated and constructed in such a way that it will not cause ignition of any flammable vapours that can be produced when the sample is heated.

It is recommended that the oven is an explosion-protected type.