ISO 4264 Petroleum products - Calculation of cetane index of middle-distillate fuels by the four variable equation
7 Expression of results
Report the result to the nearest 0.1 as the cetane index by four-variable equation.

8 Precision
8.1 The calculation of the cetane index from measured density at 15 °C and measured 10 % (V/V), 50 % (V/V) and 90 % (V/V) distillation recovery temperatures is exact.

8.2 The precision of the cetane index equation is dependent on the precision of the original density and distillation recovery temperature determinations which enter into the calculation. The precision of these determinations is stated in ISO 3675, ISO 12185 and ISO 3405.

9 Test report
The test report shall contain at least the following information:
a) a reference to this document;
b) the type and identification of the product tested;
c) the result of the test (see Clause 7);
d) any deviation, by agreement or otherwise, from the procedure specified;
e) the date of the test.