K5909 Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS)
We provide petroleum testing equipment. We also use K5909 Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) to help validate our products and provide our customers with data.

What is Cold Cranking Simulator?
The Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS) measures the apparent viscosity of oils at temperature from -35°C to -5°C. It is a high shear method and is designed to simulate the oil viscosity under cold starting (cranking) conditions. The ASTM test method is ASTM D5293.

Why do we use Cold Cranking Simulator?
The low temperature cranking viscosity is one of the four basic viscosity measurements in engine oil which defines the rules around engine oil viscosity grades. It is necessary to measure the CCS value of every formulated engine oil in order to check that it is within the viscosity grade.

The test result of apparent viscosity at required test temperature:
0W20 FULL SYN SN GF-5 BATCH NO. 98503: 3386 mPa.s @ -30ºC
F/S 5W/30 SN/CF BMW C3 BATCH NO. 98537: 2734 mPa.s @ -25ºC
15W/40 CJ-4/SM OEM E7/E9 BATCH NO. 98421: 3685 mPa.s @ -15ºC
20W/50 SJ/CH BATCH NO. 98351: 3487mPa.s @ -10ºC

Ship oil samples to us. We can help test the apparent viscosity with our K5909 cold cranking simulator.