Model: K5909 Cold-Cranking Simulator (CCS)
Determine the low temperature performance of engine oils and lubricants. Measures the apparent viscosity of engine oils at temperatures from -35°C to -5°C within a viscosity range of 1500mPa•s to 27000mPa•s;
Fully automatic SCM-controlled operation. No further operator involvement is required after initial loading of the sample and presetting testing parameters. The K5909 will automatically calculate viscosities, display and print out results;
Conforms to ASTM D5293 and GB/T 6538. CE Mark.

Display: TFT-LCD, touch-screen;
Automation: automatically test sample, automatically calculate viscosity, display and print out result;
Temperature measuring point: between -35°C to -5°C as per the standard test method (temperature can be measured every 5°C, such as -5°C, -10°C, -15°C, -20°C, -25°C, -30°C, -35°C);
All in one equipment, with built-in program and printer (No need to connect to external PC and printer);
Temperature calibration: temperature calibrated well by us, validity is 1 year or half year based on customer's situation;
Calibration viscosity oil: with a set of calibration viscosity oil;
Automatic sampling and cleaning.


Packing volume: 0.76cbm
Weight: 48kg; Packing weight: 146kg
Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz (or At user's option)
Operating conditions: 10°C --- 40°C, RH below 85%, non-condensing

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