Model: N-25 Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) Fixed-Wing Drone

Suitable for tasks such as inspection, crop assessment, and surveying

N Aviation 2.5m Wingspan Composite Wing (Designation: N-25) is a tail-pusher vertical takeoff and landing fixed-wing drone that utilizes carbon fiber integrated molding technology, ensuring high strength, lightweight, and durability. The quick-detach design facilitates convenient transportation, especially with internal shockproof design in the aviation case, ensuring safer and more convenient transportation. The efficient power SYstem configuration provides a Max payload capacity of 3kg, with excellent endurance performance: carrying a 1.2kg mission payload allows for a continuous flight time of up to 3.5 hours.

N-25 offers stable and reliable flight, strong expandability, and supports the extension of various gimbals and other types of mission equipment. For example, mounting a high-definition zoom camera, multispectral camera, or a five-band surveying camera can be used for tasks such as inspection, crop assessment, and surveying. The specially designed detachable payload bay makes it easier to install and replace mission equipment.

N-25 Inspection SYstem: Extensive Coverage, Real-time Transmission of High-Definition Images

N-25 excels in inspection operations, featuring rapid response, strong emergency maneuverability, extensive coverage in patrol areas, high reliability, and user-friendly operation. Equipped with a dual-camera high-definition zoom gimbal, the SYstem includes a ground control station and a high-definition display screen, allowing real-time transmission of high-definition images during inspections. This solution meets the requirements for remote and large-scale inspection operations.

The gimbal camera utilizes a high-precision three-axis gyro-stabilization SYstem to effectively isolate various vibrations and movements of the carrier, eliminating image blurring and shaking. With 30x continuous optical zoom and high-definition 1080P HDMI output, it delivers high-quality imaging, providing a clear view of the target from a distance.

Additionally, the flight control ground station, integrated with mapping and control, has a Max transmission distance of 30km. It features functions such as remote control of the aircraft, remote control of the gimbal, real-time flight status feedback, real-time remote control status feedback, and route planning. The SYstem offers intuitive control, making inspections more convenient and efficient.

Main parameters of the N-25 drone:

1. Body Material: Carbon fiber, fiberglass, Kevlar, PVC, etc.

2. Landing Gear Installation Position: Beneath the rotor mast.

3. Payload Compartment Position: Directly beneath the aircraft's center of gravity.

4. Structural Weight: Approximately 3200g (including all structural components and mounting equipment).

5. Maximum Takeoff Weight: 13.5kg.