Model: N II Pro Drone

Suitable for inspection, search and rescue, law enforcement, and firefighting needs

N II Pro integrates zoom imaging SYstems and customized expansion accessories, optimizing aerial operation mechanisms to meet the flight requirements in various professional fields such as inspection, search and rescue, law enforcement, and firefighting. With a foldable body design, it is eaSY to handle, ready to use when unfolded, providing industry users with a more efficient and user-friendly aerial operation tool.


1. Weight (including propellers and battery, excluding expansion accessories): 1110 g

2. Wheelbase: 427 mm

3. Dimensions (length x width x height): 245 x 130 x 111mm (folded)

506 x 620 x 111mm (unfolded)

4. Max takeoff altitude: 7000 m

5. Max ascent speed: 8 m/s (Insane mode)

6. Max descent speed: 4 m/s (Insane mode)

7. Max horizontal flight speed (near the sea level with no wind): 20 m/s (Insane mode)

8. Max rotation angular velocity: 120°/s

9. Max tilt angle: 33° (Insane mode)

10. Flight time (in a windless environment): 42 minutes (excluding industry accessories)

11. Hovering time (in a windless environment): 38 minutes (night navigation lights), 29 minutes (searchlight), 34 minutes (loudspeaker), 36 minutes (VTK module)

12. Working environment temperature: -10°C to 40°C

13. Max wind resistance: Takeoff and landing stage: 12m/s