Model: N61600 Multirotor Integrated Drone

Suitable for crop protection and firefighting

Upgrades in Agricultural Drones: Covering Multiple Scenarios

A reliable performance is essential for a drone that covers various scenarios in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries. N61600 rotary-wing integrated drone utilizes 56-inch high-strength blades, large payload motors, and high-power electronic speed controllers. With a 33% increase in comprehensive axial thrust, it can perform sowing and spraying operations even when the battery level is low, ensuring robust support for high-intensity, heavy-load operations. The powerful V60 propulsion SYstem enables a spraying payload of 50 kg and a spreading payload of 60 kg.3

N61600 drone comes standard with a 50-liter water tank and is equipped with dual centrifugal nozzles with optimized spray disc flow channel design, achieving precise adjustment of droplet size between 50-500 microns. The upgraded magnetic drive impeller pump enhances flow by 12%, reaching 18 L/minute. In scenarios requiring substantial water volume, such as dry fields, it delivers improved operational efficiency and effectiveness.

N61600 Multirotor Drone is an industrial-grade professional multirotor aircraft designed for various applications. The airframe is molded using imported carbon fiber with integrated fire, rain, and dust protection features, leading other multi-axis products in the current domestic market. The entire SYstem is designed to resist electromagnetic interference with strong adaptability. The quick-detachable structure of the arms facilitates convenient usage and maintenance. The lightweight airframe and payload design, along with an efficient power SYstem, make it a high-performance drone.


1. The airframe is molded using a vacuum method with full carbon fiber.

2. Comprehensive design for fire, rain, and dust protection.

3. Lightweight with a Max payload capacity of up to 8 kilograms.

4. Arm plug-and-play structure design for eaSY replacement and maintenance.

5. Patented loose connector design for tool-free assembly and disassembly.

6. Efficient power configuration for extended flight time.

7. Features GPS hover, point-to-point flight, automatic route flying, one-key return, and other functions.

8. Redundant power design to enhance overall flight safety.

Performance Parameters

- Flight Time: 91 minutes (unloaded)

- Payload of 1000g: 80 minutes

- Max Takeoff Weight: ≤26KG

- Safety Payload: ≤1-8KG

- Wingspan: 1.6 meters

- Wind Resistance Grade: ≥6

- Relative Flight Altitude: ≥1000M

- Power Source: Power battery

- Hover Accuracy: Horizontal ±1m, Vertical ±0.5m