Kailian Yongrun provides oil analysis service for oil in gear system and transmissions. This test is recommended to carry out on regular routine basis.

All tests includes 3 parts as follows:
(1) Wear Metal Elements condition test
RDE Fine Wear Metals - 18 elements
RFS Course Wear Metals - 11 elements
Ferrography Analysis

(2) Oil Properties test
Oil Condition, oxidation, nitration
Viscosity @40°C or 100°C
TAN (Total Acid Number)

(3) Contamination Condition
Oil contamination, fuel, soot, coolant (glycol), dirt & dust
Moisture & Water % or PPM
Wrong oil contamination

The above recommended test shall be guideline, the suitable specific test may be vary depend upon right application, environment severity critical factor and machine age etc.

Oil sample quantity is approximately 100ml.

Sampling Frequency
Initially, follow manufacturers' recommended sample interval for your equipment.

In the absence of manufacturers' guidelines, recommended below for general guidance in establishing sample interval.
(1) Highway (Gear, differential, transmissions): 20,000 kms and just prior to oil drain
(2) Off-Highway (Gear, differential, transmissions): 500 hours and just prior to oil drain
(3) Marine Gear - Main Propulsion System Reduction gear: 500 hours or one month and just prior to oil drain
(4) Gear - Supporting System Deck Gear Drive: 2,000 hours or quarterly and just prior to oil drain
(5) Industry Gear - low speed: Bi-monthly, 1,000 hours and just prior to oil drain / Quarterly and just prior to oil drain
(6) Industry Gear - high speed: Monthly, 300-500 hours and just prior to oil drain / Quarterly and just prior to oil drain

Oil analysis report is with interpretation:
(1) Display an easy-to-read and understand.
(2) Information for wear condition, lubricant condition and contamination.
(3) Interpretation and recommendation of the result. Option for Bilingual.
(4) Color coded display of overall condition for present sample and history condition of previous sample.
(5) Color coded problem highlights.
(6) Provide new oil or reference oil for comparing result and as baseline.
(7) Publish Alarm Limit range of the equipment and oil.
(8) Comprehensive trending graph of most parameters.
(9) Reporting options via internet, email and fax.

The report is typical available within 2 - 3 working days of sample receipt at Kailian Yongrun's labortory.

Remarks: Oil samples (after completion of testing) will be retained in our laboratory for approximate 60 days ,just in case of in-depth testing and/or any future purpose.