Model: K1634 Multifunctional Apparatus for Pour Point, Cloud Point and CFPP

Pour point of petroleum products.
Cloud point of petroleum products.
Pour point and cloud point are indicators of the lowest temperature of utility for petroleum products. The lowest temperature at which movement of the oil is observed is pour point, and the highest temperature at which haziness is observed is cloud point.

Cold filter plugging point of diesel and heating fuels.
Determines the low temperature flow characteristics of automotive diesel fuels and gas oils, including samples with flow improving additives, by measuring the temperature at which the sample ceases to flow through a wire mesh filter under standard test conditions.

Conforms to ASTM D97, ASTM D2500 and ASTM D6371.

Technical specification

Temperature control range: -40°C --- room temperature
Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.5°C
Temperature display accuracy: ± 0.1°C
Relative humidity: < 85%
Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

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