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Model: K10800 Four Ball Wear and EP Tester
1 Summary
Measures relative wear-preventing properties of lubricating fluids and greases in sliding and rolling applications. Performs both wear preventative (WP) and extreme pressure (EP) analysis on lubricating greases.
Conforms to ASTM D2266, ASTM D2596, SH/T 0189, SH/T 0202, SH/T 0204 and GB/T 3142.

2 Technical specification
Temperature control range: room temperature --- 75°C
Temperature control accuracy: ±2°C
Axial rotation speed: 1000 --- 1800rpm
Test load: 15kg, 40kg
Maximum load: 800kg
Test steel ball: diameter 12.7mm
Power supply: AC 380V, 50Hz

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