Model: YH NK 640T Drone

Suitable for night search and rescue, photovoltaic inspection

High-Resolution Camera, 640E512 SENSOR Straight Out for Clearer and Longer Range

The new generation infrared thermal imaging camera from Intelligent features a resolution of up to 640E512@30fps, equipped with a 13mm focal length lens and 16x zoom function. It can identify personnel at distances of over 100 meters, easily discerning distant targets. 10 Pseudo-colors for Enhanced Identification Supports up to 10 pseudo-color display modes to cope with various complex shooting environments and lighting conditions, highlighting the observed subject and improving observation effectiveness. Picture-in-Picture Mode for Dual-state Observation The infrared imaging screen is effectively fused in the center of the visible light screen. While observing the infrared thermal imaging screen, clear environmental information can be obtained in real-time through the visible light screen, quickly locating the root cause of problems. 8K Video for Comprehensive Overview The 8K camera can record videos with a resolution of up to 7680*4320, four times that of 4K, providing ultra-high-definition images that faithfully reproduce the real scene, without missing any important information. 48 Million Pixels for Exquisite Detail Straight out with 48 million pixels, discovering more details, assisting in evidence collection, and enabling precise judgments. 4x Lossless Zoom for On-site Experience Supports four times lossless zoom, with long-distance image acquisition capability, providing a comprehensive view, as if being on-site. In-camera 4K HDR for Realistic Restoration Supports 4K HDR video, capable of suppressing strong light and displaying details in dark areas. In complex lighting environments, it faithfully restores the real scene.


1. Weight (including propellers and battery, excluding additional accessories): YH NK Dual 640T: 1136.5 g

2. Wheelbase: 427 mm

3. Dimensions (length x width x height): 245 x 130 x 111mm (folded)

506 x 620 x 111mm (unfolded)

4. Max takeoff altitude: 7000 m

5. Max ascent speed: 8 m/s (Raging mode)

6. Max descent speed: 4 m/s (Raging mode)

7. Max horizontal flight speed (near sea level, no wind): 20 m/s (Raging mode)

8. Max rotation angular velocity: 120°/s

9. Max tilt angle: 33° (Raging mode)

10. Flight time (no wind): 42 minutes (excluding industry accessories)

11. Hover time (no wind): 38 minutes (night navigation light) 29 minutes (searchlight) 34 minutes (loudspeaker) 36 minutes (VTK module)

12. Operating environment temperature: -10°C to 40°C

13. Max wind resistance: Takeoff and landing stage: 12m/s