Model: YH NK 640T E3 Drone

Suitable for power inspection, nighttime surveying, and search and rescue missions.

YH NK 640T E3 drone is equipped with advanced imaging capabilities, including a 640*512 high-resolution infrared thermal imaging camera and a 50-megapixel super-sensing camera, making it suitable for a variety of applications.

Imaging SYstems

640*512 Thermal Imaging Camera: The drone features a high-resolution infrared thermal imaging camera with a 13mm focal length lens and 16x digital zoom. This camera is capable of observing distant targets with clarity. The new image processing algorithm enhances the clarity of thermal imaging details.

50-Megapixel Super-Sensing Camera: The CMOS sensor uses the RYYB array, producing 50 million pixels photos, capturing more details for evidence and precise judgment. The super-sensitivity algorithm 2.0 provides excellent noise reduction capability in low-light conditions, allowing for clean and clear 4K night scene videos.

1/1.28-Inch CMOS

The drone is equipped with a 1/1.28-inch CMOS sensor, offering a larger sensor area compared to common 1/2-inch or 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensors, displaying more image details.

RYYB Array

The RYYB array design in the CMOS sensor allows for 40% more light intake compared to the traditional RGGB array, ensuring abundant light intake in low-light environments.


The hybrid focusing technology combines the fast focusing of phase detection autofocus (PDAF) with the precise focusing of contrast detection autofocus (CDAF), enabling quick and accurate capture even of moving targets.


1. Weight (including propellers and battery, excluding additional accessories): 1110g

2. Max Takeoff Weight: 1999g

3. Wheelbase: 427mm

4. Size (length x width x height): 245 x 130 x 111mm (folded), 506 x 620 x 111mm (unfolded)

5. Max Takeoff Altitude: 7000m

6. Max Ascent Speed: 8m/s (Insane Mode)

7. Max Descent Speed: 4m/s (Insane Mode)

8. Max Horizontal Flight Speed (near sea level, no wind): 20m/s (*In the EU, the Max flight speed in Sport mode is not higher than 19m/s)

9. Max Rotation Speed: 120°/s

10. Max Tilt Angle: 33° (Insane Mode)

11. Flight Time (in a windless environment): 42 minutes

YH NK 640T E3 Infrared Camera:

1. Sensor: Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane control-cooled infrared

2. Lens: Field of view: H33°V26, Focal length: 13mm

3. Resolution: 640*512

4. Zoom: 1-16x

5. Pixel Size: 12μm

6. Spectral Band: 8-14μm

7. Accurate Temperature Measurement Distance: 2-20m

8. Video Resolution: 640*512@25fps

9. Video Format: MOV / MP4 (supports H.264/H.265)