Model: MG-II-S Oil Dielectric Test Set - 80KV/100KV

Measures the dielectric strength/breakdown voltage of transformer oil and other insulating liquids.

The most important property of an insulating oil is a high dielectric strength. After a certain period, water, gas and impurities will enter into oil, the quality of oil will be degraded accordingly. Therefore, the oil must be checked regularly to ensure a long equipment service life. These equipment include transformers, cables, switchgears, transducers, capacitors and rectifiers etc.

Technical specification

Fully automatic test set

LCD displays testing process and result

Output voltage: 0 - 80kV / 0 - 100kV

Voltage increase rate: 2kV per second ±10%

Continuous testing numbers: 1 - 9 times

Maximum 100 testing data storage

Strong ability to anti-interference

Built-in thermal printer to print out results

Ambient temperature range: 5°C - 40°C

Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz (or At user's option)

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