Model: MG-II Oil Dielectric Test Set up to 80KV
Measures the dielectric strength/breakdown voltage of transformer oil and other insulating liquids. In other words, measures the electrical stress that transformer oil and other insulating liquids can withstand without breakdown.
The most important property of an insulating oil is a high dielectric strength. After a certain period, water, gas and impurities will enter into oil, the quality of oil will be degraded accordingly. Therefore, the oil must be checked regularly to ensure a long equipment service life. These equipment include transformers, cables, switchgears, transducers, capacitors and rectifiers etc.
In accordance with IEC 60156. CE Mark.

Technical specification
Fully automatic test set
Output voltage: 0 - 80kV
Voltage increase rate: 2kV per second
Resolution (displayed): 0.1kV
Strong ability to anti-interference
Built-in thermal printer to print out test result
Ambient temperature: 5°C - 40°C
Power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz (or At user's option)

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